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Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's Good At The Top

What did you "Overhear"? "It's good to be at the top"

Where did you hear it? MFD fire recruit as he hiked the Chase Tower in Phoeinx and was issued his badge and new assignment.

"Overheard" by: Howard WaGGner

Gay For Pay

What did you "Overhear"? Its only gay if you're sober and you don't get paid for it.

Where did you hear it? Native patio

Canada Day

What did you "Overhear"? What's Canada day?...a holiday in Canada!

Where did you hear it? Native patio


What did you "Overhear"? I LOVE SOUP

Where did you hear it? Native patio

Those That Poop Together...

What did you "Overhear"? We had a custom bathroom made with twin toilets facing each other so we can poop in private and together.

Where did you hear it? Pacana Park

"Overheard" by: a trusted source